Inverter Battery That Suits You

Inverter Battery That Suits You

Inverter batteries play a crucial role in maintaining an uninterrupted power supply, in situations of a power outage. They work by converting the DC supply of battery to AC for your appliance, providing backup for a longer duration albeit being cheaper than a UPS. Factors to consider before buying your Inverter batteries:


1. Your power supply needs:

The reason for buying the inverter for, it can be calculated by summing the wattage required by your appliance that are necessary for you during a power outage like fans, lights, personal computer, and television.

2. VA rating:

This is found by the ratio of power requirements in watts to efficiency of the inverters. Ideally the inverter should give 100% output but we all know that’s not possible in real world conditions, hence the output of inverters is usually 60-70% which is called as Power Factor. VA rating= total power required (sum of wattage required by each appliance) / power factor.

3. Battery capacity:

The most important factor to consider before buying your batteries. It’s the battery capacity that decides your backup hours and it is usually expressed in Ampere Hours (Ah). Most consumers are prone to scam of inverter battery dealers because of not understanding this calculation. Battery capacity = Power requirement (in watts) * Back up hours (in hrs) / Battery Voltage (in volts)

4. Warranty covers:

Inverters batteries even though they are durable and reliant, tend to loose their efficiency when they’re prone to rapid voltage fluctuations and frequent charging and discharging cycles. In cases like these, the warranty from the manufacturer will cover the refill or in some cases get replaced too.

5. Service centres:

Lack of specialised care and improper installation can severely affect the life of inverter batteries, hence it is of utmost importance to buy from manufactures with extensive service centres across the country.

Tubular batteries:

Okay, let's get right to the point. What precisely is a tubular battery that we use in India with our home ups and inverters? Caution: This article contains spoilers. A tubular battery is a lead-acid battery.

Tubular batteries have effective performance as the positive plates are replaced with the tube and are protected by the cloth. The distinguished superior quality of the inverter battery is which, that differentiate the best inverter from other ordinary inverters. Tubular batteries are ipso facto more powerful. They are also known as deep cycle batteries because they last longer, store more energy, and have longer operating times. The tubular battery grid is arranged in a comb-like pattern. It makes use of thicker electrodes. As a result, it generates currents for extended periods of time. It's utilised for a variety of things, including power backup in homes and small offices, solar equipment electric propulsion, etc. OKAYA tubular batteries are effectively low maintenance with long time battery life and unmatchable performance.

Tubular invertor battery capacity ranges from 80AH to 220AH, these batteries are widely preferred for household purpose. The best inverter battery of 150AH can power the house for a continuous 3 hours and the best inverter battery of 200AH can supply power for 6 to 8 hours, The OKAYA tubular battery 200AH are considered more effective.

OKAYA has been a symbol of the best inverter battery company and has been the symbol of trust and quality for years. The company provide wide range of battery products for all kinds of application, such as tubular battery- inverter battery and solar battery, SMF battery, E-rickshaw battery, lithium and EV charging solutions.

OKAYA is the flagship brand of Okaya Power groups, and they emerge as a powerful leader in the Indian manufacturing industry for battery. The inverter manufacture has created a everlasting impression in the market due to the effective inverter batteries that are being manufactured.

Why OKAYA batteries:

Okaya batteries are 30% extra electrolyte, they have a huge container to store more electrolyte so that the water droppings need to be done is less frequent.

HADI tubular technology, okaya make the spines by high pressure HADI casting process at
100 bar, spines are made with low selenium and tin to project from anodic corrosion.

The latest separator technology, the polyethylene separators prevent from shorting the
positive plates.

Okaya imports are know for importing premium quality lead with 99.98%, which ensure the
long battery life.

Advanced grid pasting compound, okaya’s advanced grid pasting compound ensures fast
charging of the battery even with frequent power outages.

Ceramic water level management, in the ceramic vent the hydrogen vapors are trapped
back this ensures cleanliness and safety and the water toppings requirement is less
With the recent scenarios caused by the pandemic WFH has gained an important relevance
increasing the need for uninterrupted power supply like never before. Making the decision
of buying the best inverter battery is important.

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