All You Need To Know About Kurta for Women

Kurtas, commonly fashioned from light silk or cotton in summer, shift to thicker fabrics like wool or “Khadi silk” in winter—a thick, coarse, handspun, handwoven silk often mixed with various fibers. The kurta pajama are often stitched linen or a linen-cotton blend suitable for both seasons. Discover more about kurtas online and Kurta for Women and pant sets in the article.

Usually, kurtas are tied with buttons, cotton balls, loops, or tasseled ties. Frequently made of wood or plastic, buttons. Kurtas worn to formal events might have ornate metal buttons that are fastened into the fabric, much like cufflinks but are not stitched to the fabric. These buttons can enhance the beauty like gems, enamel, and other traditional jeweling techniques.

What Is The Design Of A Kurta?

Traditional kurtas are usually made from rectangles of fabric with minimal waste, sometimes with extra pieces added. They’re pretty straightforward in shape, but they can also be decorated in many ways. Unlike some Western clothes, the sleeves of a traditional kurta go straight down to the wrist without cuffs. Most kurtas open in the front, with some having buttons at the shoulder. Instead of cuts, many kurtas have fabric flaps that are either knotted or buttoned at the top. The neckline might be in the middle or off to the side, and these kurtas don’t usually have a collar.

What Is Kurta Pant Set For Women?

A short kurta is known as the Kurti in current usage and is worn by women. However, the name “Kurti” has historically been used to describe waistcoats, jackets, and blouses that sit above the waist and lack side slits, and are said to have originated from the tunic of the Shunga period. The choli leaves the midriff exposed, which sets the Kurti apart from the latter. It is a common way for Indians to wear, particularly in the north. Although modernized, other regions of the country still follow this fashion trend, which originated in northern India. Kurtis is primarily worn by women in the north, while sarees are preferred in the south.

Different Styles Of women Kurta Pant Set

The Kurti is a short cotton waistcoat that is buttoned down the front to the waist in the Punjab region. Women used to wrap a chain called a zanjiri, made of gold or silver, around their buttonholes. In the Punjab region, men covered their kurtas with the zanjiri. Kurtis are not only meant for women but also for men. One can get fancy as well as traditional kurtas depending upon the occasion fir which they are shopping.

Online stores, from where you can get kurta includes many shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and more sites like this. You can also find several cotton suit sets for women. You can wear kurta along with the pant sets according to your choices and comfort.


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