Tips for Online Cricket Betting

Online cricket betting has become incredibly popular in recent years. With the rise of cricket betting apps and websites, fans can now place bets on their favourite matches and tournaments from the comfort of their homes. However, online cricket betting can seem daunting for beginners. There are many factors to consider and strategies to implement for successful online cricket betting. This article provides tips and guidance for betting on cricket matches online.

Cricket betting sites and apps will provide betting odds and lines for upcoming matches. These indicate the probability of each team winning and are based on factors like those mentioned above. Favourites will have lower odds (e.g. 1.30) while underdogs will have higher odds (e.g., 3.00). 

The lines indicate the estimated margin of victory. For example, if India is favoured by 1.5 runs against Pakistan, this means India is expected to win by 1.5 runs. Be sure you understand how odds and lines work before placing bets. Consider the implied probability and whether the line offers good value against your own research. 

  • Manage Your Bankroll

Having a betting bankroll strategy is crucial for online cricket betting. Experts recommend setting aside dedicated betting funds and using only a small percentage of that per bet. For example, if your bankroll is ₹10,000, bet just 1-2%, or ₹100-200 per wager. This protects you from losing your entire bankroll on one bad bet. Setting stop-losses and winning targets are also wise bankroll management tactics. 

  • Shop betting lines for value

It pays to have accounts with multiple online cricket betting sites and apps. This allows you to compare odds and lines and place bets where you have an edge. If different books are offering varying odds or lines on the same match, go with the one that offers you the most value or profit margin on your desired bet.

  • Consider live in-play betting

Most cricket betting sites offer live, in-play betting while matches are underway. This opens up many additional betting opportunities as the game unfolds. For example, you can bet on factors like the result of the next over or how many runs will be scored in the next 10 overs. 

In-play betting requires quick thinking and analysis as odds and lines shift rapidly based on what’s happening in the match. It could provide an edge if you can spot opportunities before the bookmakers adjust the odds. Just don’t get carried away chasing losses with in-play bets.

  • Avoid the favourite and bet the underdog

While favourites have lower odds and a higher implied probability of winning, they also offer lower rewards. Underdog bets have higher odds and lower probability but a major upside if they win or even come close. 

For example, Australia is at 1.20 versus Zimbabwe at 4.50. Australia is expected to win easily but offers little profit. Betting $100 on Australia would return just $20 in profit. Meanwhile, a $100 bet on Zimbabwe could return a $350 profit. Once in a while, the underdog will break through for a big upset and major profits for you. 

  • Take advantage of promotions and bonuses

Online cricket betting sites run promotions and bonuses to attract customers, like free bets, matched deposits, and odds boosts. Take advantage of these for extra value. A free bet is essentially free money you can use to win real cash. Deposit bonuses give you extra funds to bet with. Odds boosts temporarily increase the odds on certain wagers. 

But read the fine print to understand the rollover and withdrawal requirements for any bonuses. The promotions give you extra leverage if you use them wisely as part of your betting strategy. 

  • Specialize in one league or tournament

Trying to bet on too many leagues and tournaments can spread your focus thin. The cricket landscape is huge, with international matches, T20 leagues, and domestic competitions worldwide. It’s better to deeply research and specialize in betting on one or two leagues or tournaments. 

For example, dedicate time to learning everything about the IPL—teams, players, conditions, statistics, schedules, and more. This will give you an advantage when betting on matches in that competition. The same goes for international cricket, like the World Cup or Ashes series. 

  • Track your betting performance

As with any skill, you can only improve with practice and tracking how well you are doing. Make notes on the bets you place and regularly review your overall profit and loss record. This helps you identify strengths and weaknesses in your betting strategy over time. 

Are you better at betting on certain teams or types of bets? Where are you losing money? Use these insights to keep enhancing your online cricket betting app. advanced bettors even use.

  • Take advantage of betting exchanges

Betting exchanges like Betfair allow you to both back and lay outcomes. Laying is effectively betting against an outcome occurring. So exchanges provide unique opportunities you don’t get on traditional fixed-odds cricket betting sites. 

For example, you can lay the favourite at short odds for a high probability but low return bet. Or back an underdog at long odds for high returns if they win. The liquidity on exchanges also allows you to bet in-play during matches. Becoming adept at exchange betting gives you an edge.

  • Don’t just focus on the result

Of course, you want to predict match winners correctly. But there are many other in-play markets to profit from, like the method of next dismissal, batsman match runs, or bowler wickets. Don’t limit your betting solely to the final match outcomes. Keep an open mind for opportunities across all available props and special markets. 

The key is staying flexible and betting on what offers you the greatest edge based on your pre-match and in-play research and analysis. Creative and savvy prop bets can often be very profitable compared to just betting on basic match results.


Online cricket betting can be profitable and fun if you take a measured approach and do your homework. Success requires an understanding of statistics, odds, bankroll strategy, and responsible gambling habits. Take advantage of promotions, bet the underdogs when you have an edge, and don’t chase losses. With the right diligence and discipline, online cricket betting can enhance your enjoyment of the sport while occasionally providing nice profits. Just bet cautiously with money you can afford to lose and stay in control.

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